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Personalised Best Teacher Ever Wooden Picture Frame

£20.00 £30.00

Our "Best Teacher Ever" personalised wooden picture frame can be a wonderful gift to show appreciation and gratitude to a special teacher in your life.

The frame is handmade of high-quality wood with a smooth finish, giving it a rustic and natural look. The design has the text  'Best Ever Teacher" printed in black or white onto a colour background of your choice.

The "Best Teacher Ever" personalised wooden picture frame serves as a beautiful token of appreciation for an outstanding teacher. This frame not only adds a touch of recognition to the teacher's classroom decor but also conveys your gratitude for their dedication, inspiration, and positive influence. It's a heartfelt gift that acknowledges the teacher's exceptional qualities and serves as a constant reminder of the lasting impact they have on their students' lives.

The frame comes in two sizes:

 Medium 250mm x 250mm x 140mm or

Large 350mm x 350mm x 140mm

The frame can be freestanding or wall mounted. This allows you to place it on a shelf, desk, or hang it on a wall as a charming decorative piece.


Ivory will have BLACK text, all other colours will have WHITE text as standard