Honeysuckle Barn Ltd

Personalised Two Colour Gaming Style Acrylic Cake Topper


Elevate your loved one's special day with a gaming-inspired flair using our 2-tone birthday cake topper.

This distinctive acrylic topper can be personalised with any name, ensuring it becomes a truly unique addition to your cake.

Unlike conventional card toppers, our acrylic topper boasts durability and longevity, extending its charm long after the celebration concludes. Its sleek and modern design imparts a touch of sophistication to any cake, whether for a milestone birthday or a casual gathering.

Make your cake stand out with this gaming-style cake topper, bringing a delightful blend of fun and creativity to your next celebration!

The topper measures 150mm in width and approximately 130mm in height, including the spike.

We are able to create many other colour combinations. If you are unable to find the colours you would like please ask and we may be able to help.