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Personalised Tiny Tatty Teddy Unicorn Height Chart


Capture the enchanting moments of your child's growth with our Personalised Tiny Tatty Teddy Unicorn Height Chart.

This delightful height chart combines the charm of the beloved Tiny Tatty Teddy with the magic of unicorns, creating a whimsical and memorable addition to any nursery or kids' room.

Crafted with care, this height chart not only serves as a practical tool to track your little one's growth but also becomes a cherished keepsake as they journey through childhood. The customisable personalization feature allows you to add your child's name, giving the chart a special touch that makes it uniquely theirs.

As they reach for new heights, this height chart becomes a visual representation of their growth, capturing the precious moments that pass by all too quickly. The playful design featuring Tiny Tatty Teddy and a unicorn adds a touch of fantasy and wonder to the room, creating an environment that sparks imagination.

Our Personalised Tiny Tatty Teddy Unicorn Height Chart is a perfect gift for parents, expecting families, or even as a delightful treat for your own little one. Watch them grow with joy and magic, and treasure every milestone along the way.

The height chart is made of vinyl material. Measures from 50cm to 155cm