Honeysuckle Barn Ltd

Personalised Snowman Baby's 1st Christmas Round Glass Bauble Christmas Tree Decoration


Celebrate your baby's inaugural Christmas with a special gift - a sleek glass bauble.

This charming bauble showcases an endearing snowman design and the inscription '1st Christmas 2023,' embellished with the name of your choice and your preferred ribbon colour.

Measuring 8cm in size, this glass bauble is filled with delightful snow-effect filler, conjuring the true spirit of the holiday season. It is gracefully adorned with satin ribbon, available in your chosen colour, making it a delightful addition to your festive decor.

When added to your Christmas tree, this bauble will capture the enchanting glimmer of the holiday lights exquisitely.

To personalise it just for you:
1) Opt for a gift box, if desired.
2) Handpick your favoured ribbon colour.
3) Insert your baby's name into the personalisation box.

Craft enduring memories of your baby's premiere Christmas with this customised glass bauble, sure to infuse warmth and delight into your holiday revelries.