Honeysuckle Barn Ltd

Personalised School Class Pupil Name Log Slice


Introducing our personalised log slice teacher gift, a heartwarming and memorable way to celebrate the end of the school year. This unique keepsake is designed to honour the incredible bond between teachers and their students, as it features the names of each pupil etched onto a beautiful log slice.

Crafted with love and attention to detail, each log slice is carefully selected for its natural beauty and durability. The personalised touch of including the names of each student makes this gift truly special and personal. It's a wonderful way to commemorate the shared journey of growth and learning throughout the school year.

Imagine the joy on your teacher's face when they receive this thoughtful gift! They can proudly display it on their desk, bookshelf, or hang it on a wall as a constant reminder of the unique connection they have with their students. It's a meaningful tribute to the teacher's dedication and the impact they've had on each individual pupil.

The log slice itself showcases the intricate patterns of the wood grain, knots, and natural imperfections, enhancing its rustic charm. Each piece is a work of art, symbolising the growth and progress experienced by the students under their teacher's guidance.