Honeysuckle Barn Ltd

Personalised Santa's Lost Button Christmas Eve Keepsake Note Card


A sweet card for your children to find on Christmas morning is this Santa's Lost Button Gift Card. Hide the button on Christmas Eve and watch your child/children hunt for the button!

Santa's lost button comes attached to a personalised gift card with a sweet poem and signed from Santa Claus himself!. The button is attached to the card with red ribbon which can be used to hang from the Christmas tree year after year.

A great way to keep the magic of Christmas alive- proof that Santa does exist and visits your home

The poem reads:

Thank you for the lovely pie, it really was a treat!
I think i’ve eaten too many as I cannot see my feet!
My coat felt a little tight, I seem to have lost my button tonight
So if you find it, keep it safe and sound and you’ll have some
Christmas magic all year round!

The gift card is ivory pearlescent and Santas button made from cherry veneer

Card: A6
Token: 60mm