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Personalised Double Layer Reindeer Christmas Tree Bauble Decoration


Elevate your Christmas tree to enchanting heights this year with our Personalised Two-Layer Christmas Bauble Tree Decoration. Impeccably crafted, this ornament infuses elegance and personalisation into your festive decor, ensuring your tree is a true standout.

Crafted from premium materials, this bauble boasts a mesmerising 3D effect created by its two layers, making it an eye-catching addition to your Christmas display. Its classic round shape and intricate design make it the perfect complement to any Christmas tree.

What truly distinguishes this decoration is the opportunity for personalisation. Elevate the sentimental value by having your family name or the name of a cherished one elegantly engraved on the surface. This thoughtful customisation transforms it into a unique and heartfelt gift idea for friends and family.

Hang it prominently on your tree or use it to adorn your home or office space during the festive season. Place it at the centre to create a captivating focal point or let it harmonise with your existing baubles for a coordinated aesthetic. 

The Personalised Two-Layer Round Christmas Bauble Tree Decoration is an essential addition for those who seek to infuse their holiday decor with a personal touch. Embrace the spirit of the season and make your tree a symbol of joy and individuality with this exquisite and personalised ornament.