Honeysuckle Barn Ltd

Display Case for LEGO® UP House (43217)


Protect your LEGO® Up House (43217) set with our sturdy Display Case.

The 3mm Clear Perspex® case is assembled with screws and metal connector cubes, while the two tiered 8mm thick black high-gloss display base keeps the set securely in place.

Available with a clear or printed back panel, our case also protects against dust, damage, and UV rays.

Simply assemble and display your set for peace of mind.

LEGO® sets not included.

Key Features:

- **Sturdy Protection:** Crafted from 3mm Clear Perspex®, our cases are assembled with durable screws and metal connector cubes, providing a robust shield against potential damage.

- **Customisable Back Panel:** Choose between a clear back or a professionally printed design directly applied to the back panel, ensuring lasting quality with a direct print rather than a sticker.

- **Elegant Display Base:** Our pre-assembled, two-tiered display base in black high-gloss finish, featuring an 8mm thickness and cutouts, securely places both the set and its accessories, adding sophistication to your presentation.

- **Comprehensive Shielding:** Guard your model from dust, damage, and harmful UV rays, preserving its condition for the long term.

- **Secure Placement:** The base contains cutouts for secure placement of the set and accessories, providing stability to your LEGO® Up House (43217) display.

- **Engraved Plaque:** A personalised touch is added with an engraved plaque in the base, featuring details of the set.

- **Effortless Assembly:** Assembling is a breeze – simply remove the protective covering from the case, slot the pieces together, and fix the supplied corner blocks in place.