Honeysuckle Barn Ltd

Display Case for LEGO® Mini Disney Aladdin Palace of Agrabah (40613)


Secure your LEGO® Mini Disney Aladdin Palace of Agrabah (40613) set with our protective display case, providing tranquility against potential knocks and damage. Tailored to your collectible, this case ensures your cherished set remains pristine for years to come.

Key Features:

- **Robust Protection:** Crafted from 3mm Clear Perspex®, our cases are assembled with sturdy screws and metal connector cubes, providing a secure shield against potential damage.

- **Customisable Back Panel:** Choose between a clear back or a professionally printed design, directly applied to the back panel for lasting quality – no stickers involved.

- **Stylish Display Base:** Our pre-assembled, two-tiered display base in black high-gloss finish, featuring an 8mm thickness and a cut-out to securely place the set, adds sophistication to your presentation.

- **Comprehensive Protection:** Shield your model from dust, damage, and harmful UV rays, ensuring it stays in pristine condition over time.

- **Secure Display:** The base contains studs fixed into it, providing a secure display for your Mini Disney Aladdin Palace of Agrabah set.

- **Easy Assembly:** Effortless assembly – simply remove the protective covering from the case, slot the pieces together, and fix the supplied corner blocks in place.

Elevate your LEGO® display experience and safeguard your investment with our top-tier display case designed specifically for the Mini Disney Aladdin Palace of Agrabah set (40613).

Please note that LEGO® sets are NOT included.