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A Messy Kitchen Is A Sign Of Happiness Handmade Wooden Picture Frame

$26.00 $39.00

Our "A Messy Kitchen Is A Sign of Happiness" is a playful and lighthearted phrase often used to embrace the idea that a kitchen filled with the hustle and bustle of cooking and family gatherings is a joyful and lively place.

A wooden picture frame featuring this phrase can be a charming and whimsical addition to your kitchen decor.

The wooden frame adds a rustic and natural touch to the overall design. The frame is durable and can withstand the wear and tear of a busy kitchen environment.

The phrase "A Messy Kitchen Is A Sign of Happiness" serves as a gentle reminder to embrace the joyful chaos that often comes with cooking and spending time with loved ones in the kitchen.

By incorporating this wooden picture frame into your kitchen decor, you celebrate the notion that a little messiness in the kitchen is a reflection of a happy and vibrant life. It adds a touch of warmth, humour, and personality to your culinary space, making it an inviting and enjoyable place for family and friends to gather and create lasting memories.

The frame comes in two sizes:

 Medium 250mm x 250mm x 40mm or

Large 350mm x 350mm x 40mm

The frame can be freestanding or wall mounted. This allows you to place it on a shelf, desk, or hang it on a wall as a charming decorative piece.


Ivory will have BLACK text, all other colours will have WHITE text as standard