Honeysuckle Barn Ltd

3 Filled Votive Signature Gift Set


We invite you on a journey to Japan where you can welcome Spring during the Sakura Blossom Festival. Our Gift Set collection will inspire the same sense of renewal and optimism cherished during this traditional festival. These fragrances will find you enjoying street-side treats, toasting the season with plum sake, and taking in the majesty of the blooming cherry trees. It’s a celebration of Spring and of moments spent experiencing the beauty of nature together.

Includes: 1 x Wild Orchid Filled Votive 1 x Amber & Sandalwood Filled Votive 1 x Bayside Cedar Filled Votive

This gift set holds a trio of delightfully scented Filled Votive Candles including Wild Orchid, Bayside Cedar and Amber & Sandalwood. Treat yourself, or someone special, to experience the fragrant flourish of these new true-to-life fragrances this season.

Burn time - 7-10hrs each